Bumcombe County S.A.F.E.R

A Community-Driven Public Safety Initiative
to Prevent Sexual, Domestic, and Child Abuse

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Providing Buncombe County with a wide array of educational opportunities, both in schools and the community



Through robust collaboration, public events, programs, and online outreach, we can define the scope of violence in our communities and ways to confront it



Together, we can take steps to address risk factors and implement strategies to reduce violence everywhere

About Us

A coalition of service providers, program leaders, government representatives, educators, youth leaders, survivors, and more came together to establish the Family Justice Center and have been instrumental in developing Buncombe County's 10-year plan, Pathway to Prevention.
Now, The SAFER Task Force is working to develop the plan's tools and implement anti-violence strategies to reach people where they work, live, play, learn, and worship.

Key Objectives

Strengthen individuals’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors to prevent violence

Equip educators and providers with resources

Provide community education that fosters connectivity, safety, and resilience

Foster coalitions and networks that promote safety

Promote trauma-informed organizational practices

Enact and policies that support violence-free community norms and concrete support for families

From Planning to Action

Community Assets

Strategic Projects

In order to affect change, it is important to understand existing attitudes and beliefs about sexual, domestic, and child abuse. This county-wide survey will provide data and insight vital for guiding the prevention effort

A guide to service organizations, schools, and individuals that provide researched, professional workshops and trainings on violence prevention

Drawing from the most impactful organizations and programs, this research compilation is a resource for anyone wanting establish or upgrade their policies and programs with culturally conscious, trauma-informed, anti-oppression practices

Checklists and recommendations for schools, businesses, and groups for establishing or improving practices that promote safety

By engaging with local and state-level violence prevention organizations, the White Paper will provide insight into legislative agendas that impact public safety in our community and beyond

The SAFER Task Force will produce an educational program for empowering Community Ambassadors with skills, resources, and strategies to lead their own violence prevention workshops in their communities

With support from the Women for Women giving circle, $2000 mini-grants are made available quarterly for organizations serving diverse communities to fund prevention projects or programs

The SAFER Alliance seeks out leaders, parents, and engaged citizens from every neighborhood to discuss community-driven violence prevention, receive a toolkit for presenting information to groups where they live, and build collaborations with professionals and prevention programs

The Catalogue of Prevention Programs features a dynamic array of age-appropriate, skill-building workshops. The Scaffolding Project will engage with school districts to offer a coordinated package of programs reaching students at every grade level and measuring the impact of ongoing exposure to prevention education

The SAFER Task Force will identify and compile existing violence prevention opportunities for engagement public. Through community collaborations, they will also generate a series of new programs, Neighborhood RoundTables, and trainings to raise awareness and generate momentum for the prevention effort

Alliance members will have the opportunity to conduct an internal assessment of their population’s sense of safety and receive a Cultural Climate Report Card. Allies who choose to provide training or programs for up to 70% of their population will be eligible for a certification to highlight their role as a leader in the prevention effort, appeal to workers/ members/ students/ customers who care about social culture, and improve overall brand equity.


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